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          It all started in the parking lot of St. Mary's High School in Akron, Ohio. 

 This was the site of the Battle of the Bands between: "The Younger Ones" and "Igor & the Vultures."   On a hot Summer Saturday, Sunny Rich and "The Younger Ones" showed up at the battle, dressed in t-shirts & jeans, determined to defeat the opposing band.  A short while later, Terry Ajamie & "Igor & the Vultures" showed up, as calm as could be, in burgundy dress shirts & white pants.  Several cars, loaded with fans, followed behind Terry into the parking lot.  Sunny started sweating bullets when he saw all these fans. Then Sunny noticed Terry's drummer setting up his own stage.  Sunny whispered to his band mate, "I think we're in trouble.  They probably paid these people to come."

    The battle was on:  Songs from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, & other 60's groups were performed.  Based on applause, "Igor & the Vultures" were victorious!  In the Summer of 2010, Sunny was pursuing a solo career performing at classic car shows, car cruises, and several entertainment venues around Ohio.  He decided he needed a partner.  Remembering his experience from the Battle of the Bands, and knowing that Terry had just finished a series of shows, Sunny decided to ask Terry if he wanted to start a band together.  
Celebration was born in October of 2010.